Although where I live (and most of the country) we are now allowed to eat on restaurant patios, most of summer’s normal activities are not gonna happen. Concerts, theme parks, water parks, and pools are not open this year, as they probably should be. Because of that, summer is going to look a little bit different. Here are some things I came up with to still have a memorable summer (who am I kidding, we’ll remember this year forever).

Have a picnic in the park- Grab your favorite out-to-eat food or pack the picnic yourself! Don’t forget to include lemonade and dessert, true essentials. You can make it extra special by bringing games.

Read a new book- Okay, so I’ve talked about this a lot, we are all already reading a lot. But if you’re not, summer has always been my favorite time to kick back and finally read the book I’ve been wanting to check out. Looking for some ideas? Read my blog post from this month on some good reads!

Movie marathon- I’m sure you’ve probably seen Instagram stories circulating around of people watching through all of the Marvel or Star Wars movie in timeline order. This is something I have always wanted to do for Marvel as I honestly missed out on a lot of the first movies and Jon and I are 100% going to jump the bandwagon and do that this summer.

Grill out… or learn to grill- My absolute favorite thing to eat in the summer in corn-on-the-cob (especially Mexican corn-on-the-cob) but I’ve never touched a grill. Although Jon and I don’t have a grill, our parents do, and what a better time to learn the ultimate summer cooking skill!?

Game night- Game nights are good any time of the year, but what’s better than a game night under the stars? Make some s’mores and head to the backyard for an outdoor Monopoly throw down.

Go on a hike- This is something I always want to do in the summer but I honestly hate the heat so I just give up and pray that early fall has a good day or two… but hey, if this is your thing and you want to get moving out of the house, do it!

Backyard water park- Imagine a giant Slip N Slide, water balloons, sprinklers, etc. A kids dream, right? Well now it’s yours too. Adults can have just as much fun with a backyard water park.

Fruity drink contest- You’ll need ice, a ton of different kinds of juices and lemonades, frozen fruit, and a looooot of those umbrellas that stick in drinks. Have each member of your household come up with their own recipe and try out which one is the best. You’ll definitely want to save this for a hot day.

Make your own ice cream- Speaking of hot days, this is another good one for the brutal days of summer that are soon to come (can you tell I’m not a summer fan?). Making your own ice cream can be surprisingly easy if you have the right equipment. But the in-season fruit you picked to good use and make your own ice cream this year!

I hope you all enjoy these activities and try at least one to let 2020 know it’s not gonna bring you down! x

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