Finding creative time to spend with your significant other (or girl friends) during lockdown (partial or not) can definitely be challenging. How do we date without being able to go anywhere? For Jon and me, some of the places we have wanted to go to, we haven’t exactly felt comfortable doing so. I have put together a list of fun dates that we have either tried or we are planning on doing once Jon finishes school (one and a half weeks, people!!). I hope you enjoy and try some to spend quality time with whoever is in your life! x


You can’t go wrong with this one, it’s essentially fool-proof. Homemade pizza can be as easy as buying pre-made pizza crust (we prefer naan bread) or making your own from scratch! Buy all the toppings you love and have fun making it together and then eating over a board game or Jon and mine’s most recent obsession… Super Smash Bros on Nintendo Switch. This is easy to do on a weeknight or a weekend and can most definitely be followed by dessert.


Jon and I miss going to the movies so badly. If you’ve followed along for a while (or at least earlier this year), you know Jon and I go to the movies probably an unhealthy amount. We try and see every Oscar-nominated movie in theaters as well as basically any and every movie we want to see. Since the movies were supposed to open early July and are now being pushed to late August (we shall see), we have one hope… drive-in movie theaters or our own make-shift creation. We don’t have a backyard we can turn into a movie theatre, but we definitely try our best in our living room and we can’t wait to go to a drive-in in August!


This is one of my favorite things to do mostly because I cook a mean chicken parm. Cook your favorite Italian dish together and enjoy eating by candlelight! You can even go all-out by playing Italian music, baking some bread, and adding a huge salad to the meal. Don’t forget to dim the lights! 🙂


It’s probably not a secret but I can’t stand summer weather so Jon and I participated in this earlier this year when I could still wear sweaters outside. Making your own picnic is fun, but Chipotle is also good. Grab some cards and your favorite drinks to make it all the more special!


Here’s to hoping I will attempt to do something like this (preferably on a weekend that is not 90 degrees, can I get an amen?) soon! Go kayaking, go hiking, or do both in one day! I used to kayak every summer and I still feel like its an absolute staple.

There are so many more fun and creative ideas you can come up with to make the best of what has been thrown our way this year. My personal goal is to do a fun date night once a week for the rest of the year! I challenge you to do the same! Don’t have a significant other? Do this with your friends that you are able to see! Life is too short and this pandemic is too long! 🙂 x

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