I was about to start this post with, “The weather is cooling down and it’s finally time to snuggle in your home and watch all the movies you can.” I very quickly realized, that’s just all of 2020. But, hey! With the changing seasons comes your desire to watch different kinds of movies. I created a little movie playlist for when you’re feeling a certain mood that I think are just perfect for this time (or any time) of year! Enjoy! x


This will always be one of my favorite “cozy” films. The whole premise of the movie is the idea that Paris in the rain is the most beautiful place in the world… cozy right there. Not to mention time travel, romance, Rachel McAdams, and a visit from my favorite authors. Ya can’t beat it.


I think I have probably talked about this movie 100 times at this point so I’m not going to bother explaining it, but no matter what version you watch, you feel cozy, uplifted, and just overall joyful. You really can’t go wrong with this classic.


If you’ve not seen this yet and are genuinely looking for a good cry movie… I’m shocked. This movie has everything: good music, Lady Gaga, humor, and just pure tears. This movie shocked me (and the rest of the world) by how freaking amazing it is. And if you like this one, there’s about three other versions that came before it! Just a heads up that this is rated R. 🙂


Just thinking about this movie gets me weepy-eyed. This movie centers around a young man who was adopted from India as a kid and now lives in Australia. He goes on a hunt to find his family while also dealing with his adopted family drama. This movie hits all the feels.


I put a spell on youuuuuuuuu! This is my ultimate Halloween movie. If I don’t watch this once or twice (maybe three times?), I consider the fall season a loss. You really can’t go wrong with any Disney classic Halloween movie (Haunted Mansion, Halloweentown, and more). Not only is it the level of Halloween I can take (anyone else here for the cute spooky season?), but it brings back all kinds of nostalgia.


What’s a fall festive movie list without at least one Harry Potter? For some reason, this movie and the first one scream the most Halloween to me (where the fourth is totally Christmas… Yule Ball, anyone?). I will 100% be watching this before November.


Any time I am in the mood to laugh, I pop this bad boy on. Arguably the greatest comedy film of all time and features some of my absolute favorite female comedians. If you’re a lady or a man who appreciates ladies, this is the funny movie for you. Just a heads up that this is rated R. 🙂


This movie is beyond entertaining and if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s the perfect solution to your boredom. I love reading Agatha Christie whodunnits during this time of year, but I’ve definitely grown bored of seeing whodunnit movies only after her books. This, my friends, is a fresh take on a murder mystery that will definitely keep you guessing (and laughing, oddly).

I hope you enjoyed all of these movies which are all some of my absolute favorites! Thanks for joining me again this week! x

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