Guess who is back with another travel blog for the first time in a year!? I am so excited to share with you all of the details from our trip to Charleston. Jon and I had an absolute blast and it was exactly the refresh and restart we needed after a year full of crazy. Not to mention, we ate way too good. Check out our trip full of food, history, and beautiful walks! x

Even with an early flight, I was absolutely ready to go and hang out with my husband for the week. Despite being locked together 24/7 for the majority of this year, I definitely think we needed some time away from everything. We took the day easy and spent some time walking around and exploring where we would be for the next five days.

Where we stayed: Buddah Bungalow Airbnb

Where we ate: Maybank Public House & Mora Iced Creamery

Where we went: Muddy Waters Coffee, walked around King Street

This day felt like God purposely stretched out the time for us so we could enjoy as much as we wanted to. I mean, seriously. Look at the list of where we went below. I have absolutely no clue how we managed to fit that all into one day… and we were back at the Airbnb before 10! This day was so much fun. I met up with an old friend for breakfast and he took us on a little tour of the theatre he works in and the area around it. Afterward, Jon and I grabbed some coffee from Harken and headed over to the aquarium because if you didn’t know by now, we love looking at animals very much. I highly recommend going to an aquarium on the coast… it is an experience like no other. They had a large sea turtle exhibit where they were working on rehabilitating these sweet turtles that get injured. We then jotted over to the Fort Sumter Museum which is pretty tiny but still worth going to as they have the original American flag from Fort Sumter inside (and it’s free). Got some tacos, cuz duh, and then headed over to this old school movie theatre to watch Hocus Pocus. We had the whole room to ourselves so if you think I wasn’t singing and cackling like a child, you are wrong.

Where we ate: Three Little Birds Cafe & Pink Cactus

Where we went: Dock Street Theatre tour, East Bay and Queen Street, Pineapple Fountain, Harken Cafe, South Carolina Aquarium, Fort Sumter Museum, Terrace Theater

This was our actual anniversary! To be honest, it already felt like we had been celebrating all week (let me tell you, Day 2 felt like a week), so we were excited to keep it low-key and have an amazing dinner. We slept in pretty late and headed over to the Firefly Distillery around noon which was such a fun experience. Afterward, Jon wanted some fish and chips (which he said were amazing) but I ran over to the coney place next door instead (you will never catch me eating seafood). Later in the evening, we headed over to The Gin Joint to get some drinks before having an absolutely amazing dinner at Indaco (if you go to Charleston, you HAVE to go here). Then, we ended the night at Carmella’s Cafe eating one of the best desserts I’ve had.

Where we ate: The Codfather, Coney Island Hot Weiners, Indaco

Where we went: Firefly Distillery, The Gin Joint, Carmella’s Cafe

We started off the morning at Baguette Magic and headed down to the beach for a couple of hours. We walked the surrounding area with Dole whip in hand (if you know, you know). Later in the evening, we ate at Poogan’s Smokehouse which had some amazing barbeque. After, and I am not exaggerating, I had probably the best coffee drink I have had and will ever have in my life. It was just a vanilla latte but it tasted like Graeter’s coffee ice cream and again… if you know, you know. We ended the night with a ghost tour of Charleston which gave me nightmares for days, yet I still had so much fun (I’m a wimp, don’t worry).

Where we ate: Baguette Magic, Rita’s Seaside Grill, Pineapple Hut, Poogan’s Smokehouse

Where we went: Folly Beach, East Bay Meeting House, Charleston Ghost Tour

Our last full day was somehow already here and I was so sad but I also missed our family and dogs so much. We started the morning with Harken Cafe because it was absolutely our favorite place from the trip. Then we headed over to go on the Fort Sumter tour. Although this was important to see, the highlight for me was seeing about a dozen dolphins before we loaded onto the ferry. We grabbed dinner after at Ruru’s Tacos which was just so dang good. It was a hot one that day so we went back to the Airbnb to nap and then went back out to the Rooftop Bar at Vendue to get some last pretty views of Charleston before we headed home the next day.

Where we ate: Harken Cafe, Ruru’s Tacos

Where we went: Tour of Fort Sumter & The Rooftop Bar at Vendue

The last day was essentially just traveling and eating airport food, so definitely not exciting. Overall, we had an amazing time (as I’m sure you could tell). We felt really safe in most places besides the beach, which is why we only spent about two hours there. I highly recommend Charleston if you’re looking for a quick (or long) and relaxing getaway- especially for the food!! x

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