I am so excited because Halloween is right around the corner and this time it’s on a Saturday which means the cute and spooky festivities can last all day long (for me, it’s mostly just cute). If you’re anything like me, you love celebrating and having a whole day to watch Halloween movies, make cute treats, and drink warm pumpkin/apple drinks, you are PUMPED. I decided to put together some quick and easy ideas to go hard with the celebrations this year!

Bubbling Cauldron Punch

I made this without alcohol at a party I threw this past weekend and it was a huge hit (and super simple). It tastes like ginger ale with some lime (which makes sense) and those are some of my favorite flavors!

Pumpkin Cupcakes

I will say- I did not decorate my cupcakes as cute as the ones in this recipe show, but if you’re up for it- do it! I, on the other hand, made cream cheese frosting and loads of sprinkles!

Mummy dogs

This is actually super simple so no recipe needed. Grill some hot dogs (I prefer beef), wrap a Pillsbury croissant (not baked) around the hot dogs, pop em in the oven for as long as the tin says. Then, dot their eyes with mustard or ketchup! So cute and so simple. My mom has been making these for years!

Dirt Cake

I am definitely considering making this one. One of my favorite treats (that I haven’t had in way too long) is dirt pudding and this is just a gigantic dirt pudding! This one would also be super fun for kids or grown-up kids like me, haha!

Hocus Pocus

Available on Disney+

Halloweentown films

Available on Disney+

Harry Potter films

Available on Peacock


Available for rent on Amazon


Available for rent on Amazon

Knives Out

Available on Amazon Prime


Nothing says Halloween like solving a murder, am I right? (This is coming from the girl who reads a murder mystery book every October). This is already one of my favorite board games, so what better excuse then to play on Halloween?

Jackbox (Trivia Murder Party)

If you all have never played a version of Jackbox, you absolutely have to! It’s the easiest way to have a game night because you can just kick back on the couch with your phones and still interact just as much if you had a board game. Murder Trivia Party is hilariously spooky and the perfect addition to any Halloween game night.

Virtual Escape Rooms

Going to an actual escape room is not only expensive, but probably isn’t likely to be happening right now. The link above has three different virtual escape rooms you can play with family and friends for only $10! I have personally played one myself and it was definitely challenging but doable!

Make your own murder mystery!

Yes, I 100% made up my own murder mystery game for my friends the night before because if you can’t tell, I LOVE MURDER MYSTERY. It’s actually far more easy than you think. Lots of word unscrambles, hiding things in books, or various places in the room, and each clue helps put together the murderer, the murdered, and the room where it happened!

I hope you all enjoy celebrating next weekend and use at least one of these fun ways to boost your spooky season spirit! x

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