Today, Election Day is only four days away. For a lot of Americans, we’ve already sent off our ballots, dropped off our ballots, or waited in early voting lines. Down nearly every street (especially mine) there are signs in which people are declaring who they voted for and what they believe and it seems that there is conflict everywhere. People are anxious for Thanksgiving conversations more than ever and hating another person for their political party seems so simple and easy. For someone who likes to make everyone happy, but also has a strong sense of my own beliefs, it’s been pretty dang tricky. I’m sure a lot of you feel at least a sliver of what I do. Because of that, I want to have a quick chat before Election Day. One of the candidates will lose and one will win. Your best friend could have voted for the winner, and you the loser (or vice versa). Tensions will continue to rise and we need to prepare our hearts to, “above all else- love.”

Now, I am not here to share my political views. So if you agree/disagree with me, it shouldn’t matter for the few short minutes it takes to read this post. I also want to preface this by saying that there are some level of disagreements that require love from a distance. What I want to address is what shouldn’t keep you from continuing kindness, love, and empathy.

The election and who is President should be a small percentage of your personal life. We tend to vote for who better serves us, the people we love, or the communities around us/that we love. But beyond that- it should end. We have had dozens of presidents since this country began. From Washington to Trump… every person has done something wrong. They have broken promises, they have failed, in one capacity or another to serve their people. Why? Because they are people. Putting our trust in people can only go so far when we serve a God who has been the same since before your great great great great great grandma was even born.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bit of a know-it-all. I like to think God purposely made me a know-it-all and that it is an inspirational trait rather than an annoying one (lol, who am I kidding?). One Bible verse that I need pretty much always is Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.”

Can I get an amen to that? God specifically requests us to not try and know it all because we really never will. God will make straight the path we cannot see. He controls the universe and everything within it and ultimately, it’s going to work for His good. Here’s a thought I had that was very humbling to me this year: “God isn’t just the God of America (or you)… He’s also the God of Malta, of China, of Sweden, of Egypt.” Although this election is important, as every one is, He’s also doing work in every other country on the planet! Sometimes what we perceive as the “wrong” leaders (and sometimes not just perceive, but KNOW- considering Hitler, Stalin, etc.) may not necessarily be what God chose but is choosing to work with.

God gave us free will. We are allowed to choose Him or not. We are allowed to walk His path or not. In that same way, we are allowed to choose a President. God is not political. He doesn’t care about what we think about a tax raise or decrease. What he cares about are His people. And God’s people is everyone on this planet. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, are God’s people. Your neighbor across the street with an opposing sign is God’s child just like you. God sees the people He loves and created when He looks at us, not what party we affiliate with. There is no “God’s party.” There is no “God’s country.” Everyone on this planet was created by Him. Every party is “God’s party,” every country is “God’s country” because He breathed life into every person who has ever and will ever step on this planet.

I speak this very much to my own self. The neighbors we share a duplex with do not agree with our views and we don’t agree with theirs (as evidence by our opposing lawn signs). But they are people and I simply refuse to write off a person without digging deeper first. I will repeat my previous statement that there are things we must simply have to love from a distance but a political party affiliation should not be one of those things. Remember to love as we learn the results. Remember to love as you go to the polls. Remember to love as we continue to acknowledge our God is above politics, above just loving on one country, and above it ALL. We serve a massive God who can do ALL things in ALL places! I challenge you to continue to pray for the strength to love despite and through disagreement.

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