Things are tense. I’ve noticed how difficult it’s getting to even just have a normal conversation with a stranger. Being “socially distant” has made it hard to remember how many people are out there with the same thoughts and feelings and struggles as you. Despite being distant, we can always send a little love to someone we love or hardly know. I wanted to put together a few random acts of kindness you can easily do to make someone’s day filled with a little more sunshine.

Send a Starbucks E-Card

This is probably my favorite way to send people I love some joy. I mean, can you imagine opening up your text messages to a $5 gift card when you’re having a tough day? If you have the Starbucks app, you can send a gift card directly through text! Brighten up your friend or family member’s day with some love in the form of espresso.

Pay for Someone’s Food Behind You

This one can be a gamble because it could be a person ordering a burger or a family of 10. I would make sure you are okay with whatever the outcome may be before doing this, but I promise you, it will make someone’s day.

Send a Letter to Your Neighbor

I think it would be super cute to send a letter from Santa (or just a thinking of you) to one of your neighbors anonymously! Just knowing someone out there is thinking of you can give you all the warm fuzzies inside.

Make a Card for a Shelter or Home

There are a lot of programs out there that do this sort of thing around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. I highly recommend doing this with your friends or family and make a night out of it! Christmas cookies, hot choc, and cards for those who really could use a smile. This is definitely on my top list this year!

Write Positive Reviews to Businesses You Love

This is something I absolutely need to do. There are so many great businesses where I live and I have never taken the time to write a positive review. A smaller restaurant, new coffee shop, etc. It really doesn’t matter but it may bring more customers their way and a smile to the owners’ faces!

Rake Your Neighbor’s Leaves

My neighborhood has big, beautiful trees with gorgeous leaves in the fall. But when they fall, every yard is covered (and I mean covered) with leaves. If your neighborhood is like this and you live next to a single parent or elderly couple, this could give them a huge sense of relief. When it snows- it wouldn’t hurt to shovel a driveway just for the heck of it too!

Call Your Grandparents

Please, please call your grandparents if you can’t see them. I am lucky enough to still have my grandpa and will definitely be calling him on Christmas whether he likes it or not 😉 (he also reads this blog- hi, Papaw, I love you).

Tell a Friend You Genuinely Care

I think one of the things we often miss out on is telling people closest to us how much we really love them and ask them what’s actually going on in their life. This time of year can be filled with so much busy that it’s easy to look past how everyone is really feeling (even your own self). Take some time to listen.

Bake Your Mom Cookies

If your mom (or dad) is like mine, she does all of the baking during this time of year. Offer to help your momma this year or simply show up with a tin of cookies she didn’t have to make or clean up!

Give Some Love to Your Child’s Teacher(s)

Phew, can we just get a round of applause for educators right now? 2020 has been brutal on them. They went from teaching in person, to online, to hybrid, and everything in between this year. Christmas gifts for teachers were a normal thing when I was younger and I hope they still stick around today. Maybe instead of cookies or sweets (not even sure if you can do that anyway with COVID), gift them something that will make them feel extra special and cared for. Teachers rule the world!

I hope this list inspires you to give some love to the people around you this year. We can all do so much more to show our love and gratitude and to celebrate that despite the insane obstacles this year threw at us, we made it through. x

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