Spring has three sides where I live. Early spring, second winter, and actual spring. Right now we are toggling between early spring and second winter in which every day is a different season, which means my brain is going from optimistic and energized to sluggish and sleepy every other day. Life is a lot like this. Sure, there are overarching “seasons” of life that are very clear like summer or winter. But then there are the messy seasons of life that change on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. Navigating through these seasons is honestly as tricky as navigating through spring. Will it be rainy and cold or sunny and warm today? We have to know how to understand ourselves and put full faith in God in order to properly step into the spring seasons of our lives.

In the overwhelming silence of the past year, I found myself able to notice my mind and body in so much more detail than I probably ever wanted to. But because of that, I was also able to listen to how certain things made me think or feel. For example, I used to consume news like it was candy. Truthfully, it was a passion of mine and I listened or read the news constantly. This past year, I realized that it was actually making me more anxious (shocker). I could actually feel my pulse rising and the worry flood over me in a way I never realized I was feeling before. The spring seasons of your life are still and calm- waiting for something to bloom. They are a time to get a temperature check on yourself. What have I been doing in my life that I no longer want to do? What is feeding me? What is taking away from me?

It’s also the perfect time to sit and realize how your relationship with God is going. It’s really easy to go through the motions without actually building upon your faith. Finding a beautiful stillness with God is so important in this season. Before we even see the harvest, we need to thank God for the beauty He is going to bring and has already brought in our lives. Giving thanks before the flowers even bloom can seem relatively impossible without a foundation of faith. “How can I show gratitude for something I’m not even sure is coming?” The best way is to look back on what He has already done.

In a season where I thought I didn’t have a lot to be thankful for, I stopped and noticed all the blessings I had prayed for that had come to light. I was working for my dream company, married to the most beautiful man, living in a gorgeous apartment in a fantastic location, none of our immediate family has gotten sick from COVID, and we both had jobs when many had lost them. I’m not saying this to brag on the blessings we had this past year, I say this to tell you that there is always something to be grateful for. A friend who has never left your side, a puppy that brings you peace, a home to keep you warm at night, or even simply the love that God has for us.

To prepare us for what’s ahead, we have to take that temperature check and step forward into the new season with a deeper understanding of where our hearts are at and where our relationship with God is. This can help us go through the uncertain weeks, the uncertain days or months, with the faith that no matter what happens, we know where we stand with God, we know He is faithful, and we know He will keep the promises He gave us no matter what season lies ahead.

Listen, I know it’s been a minute. As much as I adore this blog, I often find it really difficult to pull inspiration to write once I get off work. This blog is something I am still so passionate about and truly love and one of my goals is to really pick it back up again but I hate making promises I can’t keep. So if you want to make sure you don’t miss a post when I do finally decide to write, please follow me on Instagram (@briestryker) and subscribe to my email list here. I absolutely only send you emails when I have a new blog post out- that is it. So no need to worry about spammy blogger emails because I hate them too. Thank you so much for joining me back for another post and hopefully, you will hear from me soon!

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